Bentrideronline Required reading

ManyTracks The original "Woody" and many more homebuilt bents

Aircraft Spruce Supplier of composites (carbon fiber, Epoxy, etc) and metals

Soller Composites Carbon fibers sleeves

West Systems Epoxy information

Wick's Aircraft Another composites supplier

PowerOn Cycling Homebuilder supplies

Barcroft Cycles Where I got my fork.  Nice bents.

FreeCad Links to free CAD downloads, including TuboCAD LE

TerraCycle Nice idlers and other good parts.

Damon Rinard's Carbon Bike The original carbon homebuilder

Jim's Home Page My hero

Benoit's Page Another great carbon bent pioneer

Kreuzotter Walter Zorn's page of tech stuff

Mcmaster-Carr Shaft collars and a billion other things

AA's Wheelcovers Nylon wheelcovers

WISIL Projects More required reading